QPM Stylist

Stylish Residences is determined to select high-quality juristic person with exceptional qualification to look after the property and service the residents at the reasonable service fee. Therefore, the cooperation between Stylish Residences and QPM (Quality Property Management, a juristic person certified by ISO 9001:2008 Standard with more than 19 years of experience in managing property and is now the No. 1 in the market in terms of condominium management in Thailand) to provide the optimum quality of services to Stylish Residences dwellers has been taken place.

QPM Stylist is the special property management team from QPM which has been exclusively selected and established to look after the dwellers of Stylish Residences only.

And Stylish Residences dwellers will receive special services from QPM Stylist including the online juristic person announcements on the website, as well as, on Stylish Residences Mobile Application in order to provide the most convenience way in receiving our services.

Online Juristic Person Announcements by QPM Stylist

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